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Grace Care Medical Center is almost ready to open. The facility has been leased. It is being renovated, and all that’s left is to bring in medical equipment and furniture.

Examination Bed

Admission Beds

Drip Stands



Electric Centrifuge

Ear Syringe

Medical Waste Bins



Bed Sheets

Hand Washing Facilities

Drinking-Water Facility





Other Medical Equipment

Meet Nabikyu Eron

I am  Ugandan Female, holding a Diploma in General Nursing from Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery who is honest, organized, and hardworking with a flexible approach to work with a high level of integrity.
I seek and create opportunities and where possible engage in activities while putting the knowledge I have acquired into practice for a better environment and society.

I have the ability to integrate knowledge from different disciplines.

I have acquired more competence in clinical and nursing management, comprehensive HIV management and care, community health, counseling skills, and Many more.